English Language Courses

The Pamoja House offers English Language Courses for the different experience levels of all students.

Literacy Levels Offered:

Book 1: Low-Beginning - Book 1

Book 2: High-Beginning - Book 2

Book 3: Low-Intermediate - Book 3

Book 4: High-Intermediate - Book 4

In this powerful series, students build language and life skills, develop critical thinking skills, and increase cultural awareness. Then they apply these new skills to address issues that are important to them at home, at school, at work, and in the community.

Unique problem-posing approachReading lessons
  • Students develop and apply language and critical thinking skills while addressing issues of finance, education, health care, employment, legal rights, and civil responsibility
  • Theme-based units keep students motivated as they examine issues in the context of their roles at home, work, school, and in the community
  • Issues are introduced and explored through reading, listening, and graphic prompts based on real-world experiences
  • Lesson tasks and unit projects encourage students to use new language, content knowledge, cultural information, and critical thinking skills to take action
Authentic language is used to solve problems
  • Students use oral language to communicate with the purpose of generating solutions to problems. Language use is authentic and dynamic
  • Students use written language skills to explore issues, record information, and convey ideas for solutions to classmates
  • Vocabulary and grammar are introduced in the context of discussions of issues so students see the immediate importance and usefulness of language
  • As students work on projects in pairs and groups, they develop planning, organizing, collaborating, and presenting skills

Well established and respected ciriculum

  • The Pamoja House offers these courses which correlate the to other professional courses: CASAS, EFF, SCANS, NRS/SPL/BEST, MELT
  • Classes are taught by experienced teachers who care about your success and enjoy teaching.