Citizenship Courses

Civics & LiteracyGraduation.  You too can make it!
Literacy-Low Beginning

The Civics & Literacy course and student book gives information students need to pass the Civics and Literacy tests and is presented in a visual format with language that is easily accessible (192 pages)
  • Students learn words that must be pronounced correctly in spoken answers
  • Words key to recognizing and understanding oral civics questions are presented with each new concept
  • Words found on the official spelling list are identified
  • Students can review the official USCIS questions

The audio CD helps students build the listening comprehension skills critical to passing the Civics Test.

Ready for the Interview

Students learn how to answer questions about information on the N-400 application. They will be prepared for different types of interview situations and different types of questions. The course book consists of 126 pages.

  • Vocabulary and communications skills are reinforced to boost confidence
  • Students practice asking to have a question repeated

The audio CD includes exercises to check understanding and sample interview segments. Also included are questions that can be used to practice answering with personal information.

One on one instruction.Literacy Skills

This course and workbook are designed for students who need extra help developing basic literacy skills (64 pages)

  • Students learn sounds and names of letters, simple spelling patterns, and sight word recognition
  • Writing is taught through modified dictation activities
  • Notes to the teacher to guide learning appear right on the student page
The audio CD provides oral instructions and models for pronunciations for featured words and dictations.